Anonymous: Could you post the extended 12" version of America by Prince?

When I sort out my files, I just got my hard drive back & I’m kinda having a party with it.

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mrreveur: Hey, I'm super big prince fan & wanted to know if you have an email I could contact?

I usually don’t post messages that aren’t anon on public.. but omfg. 

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Anonymous: i havent seen u on tumblr

Here I am *sarcastic tone*

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Anonymous: so I gave this girl I liked my number so we can text, I wanted to make my move but then just yesterday a so called friend of mine is now dating her and it pisses me off because im pretty sure i told him I liked her. But im also mad at myself for not making my move on her quick enough and not texting her

That’s nice.

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thatonefunkkid: Once you get this you have to say five things that you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers!!

I can’t be fucked sending it to anyone but:

1. I like my eye for retro, vintage, expensive clothes at op-shops. I managed to hustle a $300 fur coat down to 1/2 price a few days ago, I’m very proud of myself.

2. My music taste. You can’t fuck with me.

3. My humanity.

4. My strength.

5. My motherfucking hair! Let’s be real.

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