I’ll be your number one or I’ll be nothing at all.

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The Time - Donald Trump (Black Version) | Pandemonium, ‘90

"I wanna buy you things cause I want all the other girls to bug. My name is Morris, baby & I dig you. When I dig someone, they stay dug. They stay dug, baby"

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The Time - Love Machine

Are you gonna kiss me quiet?
Are you gonna make love with sound?
Are you playing the part of a shy one?
Or are your inhibitions gone?
Are you afraid of the love machine?
Or will you let me drink you ‘til dawn?

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Sheila E. was my girl & to this day, if anybody asks me who was P meant to spend the rest of his life with, it is SHEILA. He messed her around so much though & I ain’t too surprised she didn’t stick around too long. I met her & we talked once, when P wrapped up the filming of Graffiti Bridge & she came to the party he held at Paisley to celebrate. (I was in charge of the damn catering, it was all wrong too. Honey, I never been so stressed in my life, thought I’d been fired on the spot) Lawd, I remember that P came to her ride when she was leaving & he was wearing some thin black cashmere pants with some flowery embroidery on ‘em & her hand just shot out, grabbed his dick & damn near fondled him! He said something, they laughed & left together. He came back in the afternoon next day looking mighty happy with himself so I assumed they did the do
― Confessions of a previous employee of Prince’s ‘Paisley Park’ studio
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